[Image Description: Andrea Tech Photo. Standing by! Andrea, a Xicana, is at the tech table as the stage manager for Mr. Burns: A Post Electric Play. She has brown hair and is wearing a headset around her head. She is looking at a page in her prompt book with her hand on the "Call" button.]

Photo courtesy of Lupita Marisol Rodriguez


 (pronounced: and-ray-uh or an-dreh-ah) | She / They | Xicanx


Andrea Felix-Cervantes is a stage manager, artist, and mathematican based in the Central Coast (Ohlone) / Los Angeles (Tongva) area. Andrea has her BA in Technical Theatre Arts and aspires to go to graduate school to obtain their MA in Mathematics and Production Management.

For her commitment to theatre arts, Andrea was accepted into Hartnell College's Boronda International Study Program in 2016 to study abroad with fellow recipents in Paris, France.  Later, Andrea received honorable mention for their work as a stage manager while studying and was nominated for the Region 8 Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Stage Management Fellowship (2018-9). They presently serve on the region's Student Advisory Board to further the community's inclusion and diversity. 


Life took an unexpected turn with the pandemic and Andrea adapted to working in a virtual environment as a stage manager while also taking up other roles in the various productions that she has been in. Find out more about what upcoming projects Andrea is working on here

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