Ensemble photo of crew arriving in the Grand Canyon.
Men on Boats Cue Calling Script. In two columns, it reads dialogue and there is written inscription with cues.
Campfire shot. The cast is a little weathered and have their heads cast down all with the exception of Powell's brother who is belting a camp song.
Men on Boats Blocking Sample. Two columns separate the blocking that is happening onstage. There are drawings of the stage set up and actions or sounds that are being done by the actors on the left hand side. On the right hand side, dialogue with some notes and edits.
Photo of an explorer forward with an oar in hand. They are wearing glasses and have dirt all over their face. They are wearing a white cowboy hat with a brown jacket and yellow shirt.
Men on Boats Portfolio Cover. Includes an image of the ensemble of women in 19th century garb rowing in a sea of blues and purples. The production team list, cast size, and The Western Stage logo.
MOB Rowing Movement